11 Top Free Content Idea Generators Sites on the Internet

Struggling in finding new topics for your blog/YouTube channel/social media channel?let's discuss the 11 Top Free Content Idea Generators Sites on the Internet.
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Content is the first thing to create when it comes to any kind of online mediums like websites, blogs, YouTube, and social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc, without content, there is no point in any medium. But sometimes we don’t get new content ideas to publish, as a result, we end up creating outdated content or updating the old content. This is where AI-powered content idea generators come in handy that gives us the new content ideas to keep growing with new content on our web properties. So let’s see the 10 top free content idea generators sites on the internet.

If you are in search of how to generate content ideas when you are out of ideas, these tools will give you content ideas for blogs, social media posts, vlogs which will be enough for a couple of years. So the first tool we are going to look at is:

Answerthepublic.com: Link

answerThePublic.com is one of the best and free tools, also my favorite one in content idea generators. Unlike the remaining tools, answerthepublic.com gives 100’s of content ideas within one search that too in broadway.

For better understanding look at the images below, I searched for the word “blogging” and got the corresponding results.

Answerthepublic review, content ideas generator tools

This is what Answerthepublic does, it shows you the maximum possibilities of search queries on Google and Bing. But it doesn’t provide any kind of stats like monthly traffic, CPC, etc for the keywords you get. You can create content and rank for the long-tail keywords easily by creating content around the right keywords.

It generate the results for 5 types of data in total and you can export the generated ideas in csv format for free. Answerthepublic.com’s tool is free to use but has search rate limitations, but you can increase the search rate by upgrading to their PRO plan.

AnswerThePublic is one of the best tools to generate blog post ideas for beginners as it generates the topic ideas from the search history of Google and Bing.

HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator: Link

Hubspot is well known for its marketing and CRM services, they also provide some free tools for webmasters. One of their free tools is Blog Topic Generator, once you visit the tool page you can add up to 5 nouns in the tool input bar and generate ideas.

The tool will generate around 250 content ideas for the keywords you entered. However, you’ll be able to access only 5 ideas initially, and to access all the 250 content ideas you have to fill a form of your details then you can download the ideas as a CSV file or manually check them in their dashboard.

hubspot blog title generator

As the answerthepublic.com’s tool, HubSpot’s blog topic generator also doesn’t provide any stats like monthly traffic, CPC, etc, but 250 content ideas is more than what we need. Imagine creating content for each idea on daily basis, it would take 250 days with 250 posts.

 This would be best when we are in search for social media content ideas.

Capitalize My Title Blog Title Generator: Link

Capitalize My Title provides many free tools for writers, bloggers, and marketers and one of their tools is Blog Title Generator. Unlike other tools, this Capitalize My Title’s Blog Topic Generator generates 10 ideas for each query and there is no limitation for search queries. This tool is one of the best and free content idea tools as it has no paid plans. They generate revenue through affiliate marketing and ads for website maintenance costs.

capitalize my title blog post idea generator

This tool generates unlimited content ideas for your blog/social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc.  This tool is great for long-tail keywords with clickbait titles. CapitalzeMyTitle.com provides other tools for bloggers & marketers as well, headline analyzer, YouTube Video Title Generator, Email Subject Line Tester.

However, CapitalizeMyTitle.com’s blog topic generator is good for generating new ideas in our brains when they don’t find any, and as we discussed it is completely free to use. So you can try it once and check whether it works for you or not. Let’s move on to the next one.

ImpactPlus Blog About: Link

ImpactPlus Blog About is a little bit different from other tools, this tool will generate partial ideas that make this tool unique, and that also gives us creative ideas for our posts. After visiting the tool page, we have to include the main topic idea on the input bar and click next to generate new ideas. I’ll try to explain it better by showing the images.

I’ve searched the word “Blogging” and now let’s use our creativity along with AI. (See the image below)

imapct plus blog about review

So as you can see in the image, the tool generates an idea with empty blank spaces. You can get a better topic idea as you are involving in the process. I made one by filling up the empty blanks, see the image below.

how to use impactplus blog about tool

You can also save the ideas on instantly without hassling in copying them manually each time, for saving the ideas we have to tap the heart icon and the idea will be saved in the list below. (see the image below)

impactplus blog about tool idea saver

Additional to that, ImapactPlus also offers a free visualizer on the same page. To access that, we have to tap the “writer’s block” option located at the right middle center of the page and you are good to visualize your ideas by doodling them. You can also download the doodle you created. (See the image below)

impactplus doodle creator, visualizer tool

ImpactPlus blog about the tool is great for those who want to create their own content ideas for blogs with the help of AI. It is completely free to use.

SeoPressor Blog Title Generator: Link

SEOPressor’s Blog Title Generator is a free tool to generate new content ideas. See the image below for an example of this tool:

As you can see, it generated 1168 results for the term Blogging but you can only see 4 at a time and there is a limitation for anonymous users of 5 search rate limits but you can extend it by providing your email address after the popup has come up.

SEOPressor Blog title generator

You can filter results by different options like brand name, product-based, skill, etc by changing the filter into your choice. This is all about SEOPressor’s Blog Title Generator.

SEOPressor offers complete SEO services for your WordPress website and SEOPressor is highly recommended by Harsh Agarwal, Founder of ShoutMeLoud.com. To check more details of SEOPressor, click here

You can also see how you can check your website SEO score for free, here.

Portent Idea Generator: Link

Portent provides digital marketing services for websites and businesses, along with that they made a content idea generator tool to get traction to their website. Let’s dive into the Portent Idea Generator now,

portent idea generator, Top Free Content Idea Generators

I searched the same term blogging as on the other tools and got the above result. We can regenerate other topic ideas by tapping the “See another title” button or save the idea for future use. However, this tool generates clickbait titles which can be better for social media or news posts.

The main thing I don’t like about this website is sometimes it generates titles that are unrelated to our topic like “10 Things your mother didn’t tell you about blogging”. Anyway, it is completely free to use and also generates some clickbait titles so it is still good to try. Let’s see the next tool.

ContentRow Headline Generator: Link

ContentRow offers other tools for bloggers and writers as well, but as our main topic is on content ideas generators, let’s discuss that first. ContentRow Headline Generator is not completely free and the tool also has limitations for their free users like limited search rate/day, no filtering, limited results.

ContentRow headline generator, blog topic idea generator

But the tool gives good blog title ideas which are good for clickbait and also analyzes the title with a number score so that we would know which one performs better. As they are more focused on content tools, they also provide text analyzer, word counter and text converter tools for free. They also have writer’s block so that you can write and analyze your blogposts on their dashboard.

However, with the premium plan, you can get access to trending topics, topic filtering, more ideas etc.­

Soovle: Link

Soovle.com is more like a search engine that can search on 15 different search engines (7 by default) at the same time including popular search engines like Google, Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Answers.com, AliExpress. Now you might wonder why I listed Soovle.com in this topic? well let me explain to you now why.

As I said, Soovle.com is a customizable search engine but we can use it for keyword research or blog topic generator. Let me show you an example of Soovle.com for a better understanding.

soovle.com content idea generator

As you can see how Soovle works, when I searched for the term blogging on Soovle it generated results from 7 search engines at the same time and gave about 50 ideas less in a second. These all are search queries by their users from all over the world, so you can target generate tons of ideas that really get traffic.

If you want to know the search traffic of the keywords, you can install the Keywords Everywhere chrome extension and opt for their paid plan. The combination of Soovle.com with Keywords Everywhere will give tons of ideas with real-time stats like traffic and CPC.

The main advantage of Soovle.com is you can target keywords that can be from different search engines including YouTube (the 2nd largest search engine). However, Google has 92% of the market share on the web but still, there are 8% of searches happening on other search engines.

For stats like traffic and CPC, you can use chrome extensions like whatsmyserp, ubersuggest, keyword surfer (links at the end of this article).

Ubersuggest: Link

UberSuggest is a paid tool that offers some free features with limitations but still, it is good to use. Unlike other tools, UberSuggest gives more options for keywords like keyword ideas, content ideas, monthly traffic volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, and many other webmaster tools (see the image below). But as I said, there are limitations for free users like 3 searches only/day, fewer content ideas.

Ubersuggest keyword ideas generator

UberSuggest also shows the results from other website’s social media posts with the engagements for the posts, so you can get an overview of the topic you are looking for. Let’s see the example of a search on UberSuggest dashboard:

However, you can still use their chrome extension (link at the end of this article) for stats. So UberSuggest is not that bad at all to use. Now let’s see our next tool without thinking any further.

KlockWork Idea Generator: Link

Klock.work tool is developed by vengage.com, a graphic designing website. Klock.work is developed to generate infographic ideas for marketers and presenters but we can also use the tool for generating new content ideas.

Klock.work divides content ideas into different categories like informational, comparison, process, timeline, statistical, geographical. This tool is completely free to use and it gives unlimited topic ideas for your blog in a fraction of a second.

Klock.work content ideas generator

For instance when I searched for the term blogging, klock.work gave me a bunch of ideas including the topic “blog posts ideas for beginners”. You can regenerate the content ideas at the end of the results to get new ones.

Klock.work is simple to use, so that’s all about klock.work idea generator. Let’s move on to the next tool to generate more content ideas.       

Fatjoe.com’s Blog Title Generator: Link

Fatjoe is an SEO services agency for businesses and websites. They built this blog title generator tool to help bloggers and content creators. So speaking about Fatjoe.com’s Blog Title Generator, it is a free and simple-to-use tool that can generate 100+ content ideas at a time.

fatjoe's title generator

When I searched the term blogging on Fatjoe.com’s Blog Title Generator, I got the results as shown in the image. However, if you want to get access to the 100+ titles you have to sign up for their newsletter. This tool isn’t very much AI-based, it also generates unrelated titles that you might find funny sometimes.

 Anyway, that’s what I think about this tool, you can try it for once and check by yourself for more.

AI Free Content Idea Title Generator:

Zyro.com’s AI Blog Title Generator: Link

Zyro.com is well known for their website builder services, they also provide some tools provided with AI. One of the tools is AI Blog Title Generator and this tool is completely different from other tools as it doesn’t take any user input of the topic. It only generates topics based upon the niches like food, fashion, fitness, lifestyle, etc. If your blog or if you can relate to those topics then you can check it out for once.

zyro.com ai tools healine generators

So this is all about the 11 top free content generator sites on the internet, I hope this article would have helped you to get some insights. Thank you for getting to this point along.

Do you know any other tools which can generate content ideas? then comment below to list it up on your credits.

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