Sony KDL 43W6600 Review 2022

Sony KDL 43W6600 Review: Screen Resolution - Full HD (1920x1080) Screen Viewing Angle - 178 Degrees HDR Support - No
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In this article, we are going to explore Sony KDL 43W6600 Review with all the ground information that we gathered just for you. 1,2,3 & let’s start.

We all know the popularity and the quality of the products that Sony delivers to their customers. Sony has been one of the top 3 industry-leading companies for a long time now.

Despite the high prices, people tend to buy their products as they are well-known for long lasting and offer high end specs.

The Japanese company released a series of TV called the Bravia and this TV is one of those series, named as Sony Bravia 43W6600 43 inches smart TV.

Sony KDL 43W6600 Review

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Now, let’s check out the quick set of features that the Sony 43 inches TV delivers and hop on to the Sony KDL 43W6600 Review next.

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Sony KDL 43W6600 Specifications:

Screen ResolutionFull HD (1920×1080)
Screen Viewing Angle178 Degrees
HDR SupportYes
Screen Refresh Rate60Hz
Display TypeLED
Audio ChannelClearAudio+ technology
USB Ports2
HDMI Ports2
Optical Audio PortsNone
Internal Storage4 GB
Operating SystemLinux
Sony KDL 43W6600 specifications

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Sony KDL 43W6600 Review:

Now let’s see every element of the Sony Bravia 108 cm full HD smart LED TV 43W6600 in detail and conclude at the end.

Sony Bravia 43w6600 review: Display

Sony KDL 43W6600 display
Sony KDL 43W6600 43 inches TV Display

This LED TV comes with a full HD resolution of 1920×1080 to present the high-quality content on its screen.

Sony uses AI technology X-Reality Pro to sharpen each detail on its LED screen and Motionflow XR 200 ensures smoother and natural frames.

Both AI technologies enhance the overall picture quality to high standards. Even with the absence of 4K resolution, Sony made HDR live on this TV that reveals true colors and details on the display.

As Sony has a huge market share in the gaming category, this TV is designed to handle the high graphics and is built to deliver high speed frames with a 60Hz screen refresh rate.

Overall, we have noticed that the screen quality is extremely good and each frame gives a new experience for you. If you are a gamer, then you’ll fall in love with the picture quality and clarity that this TV offers.

Sony Bravia KDL 43W6600 Review: Sound & Audio

Sony tries to get new technologies involved in their products and many people call them the Innovators in the electronics market.

Sony tried the open baffle speakers on their Bravia 43W6600 model LED TV giving a new approach to the sound system of the TV.

The open baffle speakers are well-known for their performance and for sharing a new audio experience with the listeners.

As the ClearAudio+ technology is involved with the 20 watt speakers, the audio that comes out from the speakers is crystal clear. This audio tech will take care of the frequency enhancements and delivers sound that is more natural.

During the Sony KDL 43W6600 review, we experienced a new level of sound quality that is more balanced and has a high level of clarity.

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Sony 43W6600 Review: OS

Sony chose the Linux operating system on their 43W6600 model TV that offers high security against malware.

Being a Linux OS TV, it doesn’t allow any android apps, so if you’re an online OTT watcher, then you should probably make them offline to play.

It does have few built-in apps like YouTube, BigFlix, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video on board for you. And the IR remote comes with the shortcut keys to some of the apps.


And it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity support at all, but it does offer plug & play feature that allows you to transfer files through your smartphone.

Having other products of their own on the market, Sony does support file sharing through their high end cameras and other devices as well.

Overall, the Linux TV offers high security, but it doesn’t have many features that Android smart TVs do.

Sony Bravia W6600 43 inch Review: Performance

For some reason, Sony hid the RAM specs on the Bravia Linux OS TV. But the speed of the TV is good enough to handle multitasking and GPU operations without any crazy lags.

It can play your favorite OTT content seamlessly and not to mention high graphics games powered by Sony Playstations.

The internal storage is about 4 GB in this 43 inch TV, I know it isn’t much but it can store a few of many images or videos on it. And it takes only a few bucks to get a USB storage that stores all of your content on it and ensures you to

And it doesn’t offer Bluetooth support, so you can’t connect your smart devices with the LED TV.

For now, it doesn’t have a voice assistant, but Sony will cope with the latest trends in the future, near or far.

Overall, the performance of this Sony Bravia KDL-43W6600 TV is far better than the other TVs.

I think I’ve covered Sony 43W6600 full specifications and got into each aspect of the TV during Sony KDL 43W6600 review, now, let’s jump into the pros and cons of this 43W6600 TV.

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Pros of Sony Bravia KDL-43W6600 TV:

  • Extraordinary Picture Quality
  • X-Reality Pro and Motionflow XR200 AI technologies
  • Powerful open baffle speakers
  • Clear cut audio through ClearAudio+ feature
  • Linux OS
  • Native Language support
  • Great Build Quality

Cons of Sony Bravia KDL-43W6600 TV:

  • High Price
  • Only 4 GB Internal Storage
  • Limited apps for now
  • No 4K resolution
  • No voice typing
  • No Bluetooth supported
  • Wireless screen sharing is not possible

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Final Words: Is Sony Bravia KDL-43W600 good?

Despite missing features at a high price, Sony Bravia 43W6600 LED TV delivers a stunning picture quality with the AI technologies HDR, X-Reality Pro and MotionFlow200.

And the ClearAudio+ feature ensures clear-cut audio through the open baffle speakers. Having a Linux OS inside it, you won’t get many apps on it unless Sony allows you, but for the security means, I’m with this TV in the same price range.

With the absence of smart features like Chromecast, voice typing, I wouldn’t call it a complete smart TV. And the internal storage is another disappointment but it’s doesn’t affect as long as you maintain an external USB device.

Nonetheless, Sony has been upgrading to new features and bringing new apps live lately, it still stands in one of the best TVs in India for the overall performance it serves.

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Frequency Asked Questions:

Is Sony 43W6600 an Android TV?

No, it is not an android TV. Sony 43W6600 TV runs with Linux OS that offers better security than Android but lacks many apps & features compared to Android.

What is KDL in Sony TV?

Well, no one’s sure about what it is. Few say that KDL is just the prefix for a series of Sony TVs. The other few says that KDL determines the TVs that have amazing picture quality and a display type of LED.

What does BRAVIA mean for Sony? Bravia or BRAVIA is an acronym for “Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Archi

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