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Sendinblue vs moosend comparison

Sendinblue Vs Moosend Comparison: Which One is The Best

Every brand wants to grab their audience’s attention in this modern era where technology overtakes ancient promotional methods. And email marketing is one of those oldest promotional methods that still work. But choosing the right email marketing service makes your campaigns more effective and can reduce your email marketing budget. In this guide of SendinBlue Vs Moosend, we’re going to discuss the free & paid plan features of both tools.

Why choose an email marketing service? Why not Group Emails?

Group emails are good for a small number of audiences, but when the number of leads increases over time, you’ll find difficulties in analyzing the stats. This is where email marketing services are useful, as they offer detailed analytics, automated replies, email personalization, complete automation and many more.

Email customization is the key feature these email marketing tools provide. You can design your emails just like a website or a landing page and get conversions for your business. On a simple note, email marketing services will provide full access to the email behavior and give extra control for you to improvise them.

Extra features make these email marketing tools unique, most of the email marketing service providers allow you to create landing pages, signup forms. Many providers also give access to run Facebook and retargeting ads by giving a creative touch to the ads on their dashboard.

SendinBlue Vs Moosend Comparison:

SendinBlue Features

  • 300 Daily Email Limit
  • Email Personalization
  • Unlimited Contacts and Lists
  • SMS Campaigns (paid)
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • 50+ Integrations
  • Creative templates design dashboard
  • Real-Time Analysis & Sync
  • CRM tool for your business
  • Automation workflow
  • SMTP Server

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Moosend Features

  • Unlimited Emails
  • 1000 limited Subscribers (for freemium users)
  • Custom personalization
  • Unlimited Lists
  • Unlimited Automation workflow
  • 18+ Integrations to connect on the go
  • Landing pages and subscription forms
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Spam testing
  • Predesigned Email templates
  • Low prices

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SendinBlue Vs Moosend Pricing Plans:

Free Plan:

Both the tools offer a free to use plan called the Freemium plan with limited access to their top features. The freemium plans are useful for small businesses and for those who have less audience. However, you can always go for the paid plans to get access to all the features and increase your productivity and conversions.

SendinBlue is one of the earlier birds in the email marketing industry, established in 2007 and currently has over 90K active users on board. Their free plan is most suitable for small audiences as it provides many features at no cost.

Moosend has been serving over a decade by now, the company has been active since 2011 and has fewer users than SendinBlue. Moosend is more of an email marketing tool with few marketing tools and their free plan has almost no limits.

SendinBlue Vs Moosend Email Limits:

SendinBlue’s freemium plan allows you to send 300 emails a day which is a good start to promote your business running. Nonetheless, you can buy email credits additionally to send extra emails per day. This feature allows you to do the job without opting for a paid plan and the emails credits come with no expiry at all.

Coming to Moosend’s free plan features, there is no limit on email sending, but they do have a 1000 subscribers limit. As the email sending is unlimited, the contacts can be segmented into unlimited lists. Their email editor dashboard has everything a professional email marketer needs, but it is a bit lagging at lower network speeds.

Moosend has a template collection for every type of email and you can design your custom template to send it in a sec whenever required. They provided every feature on their dashboard without limits, except for the subscriber limit.

However, choose the paid plan as you build your brand and subscriber list for both tools.

SendinBlue Hack:

What if, you can’t create new content daily and can’t waste time on sending the same content with different subjects. This is where I use a simple hack with SendinBlue’s unlimited contact lists feature, I create different lists with 300 unique contacts in each list. And I assign the same broadcast for each list on different days. I repeat the same for different broadcasts, this way I use SendinBlue at most, get conversions and never exhaust my limit, also save my money.

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You can do the same trick with any email marketing service provider that has a daily limit and unlimited contact lists. You can design your email templates and get them ready in just one click anytime and the block editor is very friendly and responsive on any device.

Sendinblue email template dashboard

Moosend Email template library example

SendinBlue Vs Moosend Features:

SendinBlue offers over 50 integrations such as WordPress, Shopify, HubSpot to combine tasks on different platforms. You can connect your favorite app to SendinBlue and make things easier than before.

The one thing that I like the most in SendinBlue is real-time contact sync from other services. This feature allows you to synchronize contacts from CRMs or any other tool in real-time which saves you time in importing contacts. And you’ll have a backup of your leads at multiple platforms.

Moosend on the other hand has 18+ apps ready to go live and the Zapier integration connects the dots for you.

In addition to email marketing, SendinBlue does offer a CRM service on their free plan that helps you nurture the audiences better and maintain a healthy long-term relationship.

sendinblue add ons
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The image shows the special add-ons on the SendinBlue dashboard, the add-ons are one click away to activate. SMS campaigns are useful for eCommerce websites as they are the ones who use SMS campaigns the most.

The real-time chat feature adds more value to your customers and makes the support job easy for you. You can also connect your custom email address and make replies to your audiences through emails.

An SMTP server is offered to remotely send your broadcasts through SendinBlue.

Moosend has none of the features like real-time chat, ad management, CRM, inbox, SMS campaigns. But it has most of the features that email marketing uses in their campaigns.

Automation is the next best feature that SendinBlue provides for freemium plan users. But the automation feature is only provided for those who submit a formal yet simple request. The request will be approved in almost 2 hours by the support team.

I’ve been using Zapier zap that connects Hubspot & Moosend at one place and runs an automation workflow on Moosend when a visitor signs up. And the automation workflow is working perfectly since.

SendinBlue only allows landing pages and subscription forms on their paid plan, whereas, Moosend provides both of the features at no cost. You can design your dream landing page on Moosend without paying a single penny.

As I said earlier, Moosend provides most of its features at no cost. I’m a bit disappointed by the analytics of Moosend as it has no advanced email tracking features. SendinBlue provides advanced analytics features on their premium plan which starts from 25$ a month.

Check pricing plans of SendinBlue, here and click to see the Moosend pricing

Moosend Vs SendinBlue, which is better:

If you’re solely looking for an email marketing tool and have no need for a CRM in the near future, Moosend is your friend here. With unlimited emails to limited contacts and low budget pricing, it is the most affordable email marketing tool I’ve ever used.

Watch The Moosend Sign Up Process Here

SendinBlue on the other hand, a complete marketing package for a business that needs a CRM and email marketing tool in one place. Ad management is a plus when you have a good audience. SendinBlue’s pricing is 2x of Moosend’s pricing, however, with the advanced tools that SendinBlue provides, it is still affordable and one of the best services.

I recommend you to sign up for their free plans and check your compatibility with both tools. Let’s hope that you come across a suitable one.

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