Samsung Q60T Soundbar Review 2022 – Is Samsung HW-60T soundbar worth buying?

Samsung Q60T Soundbar Review: Detailed Specs, Sound & bass stats, design, Pros & Cons, Alternatives of Samsung HW-Q60t soundbar
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Samsung Q60T Soundbar Review

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SAMSUNG Q60T Soundbar review
Sound & Bass
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Should you buy Samsung Q60T soundbar?

With dialogue enhancements, adaptive sound, bass adjustments and virtual sound, the overall performance of the Samsung HW-60T soundbar is good but absolutely not the best from Samsung, one of the best soundbar brands. Nonetheless, if you want a branded soundbar with the best quality standards and good sound specs, this soundbar is for you.


Samsung HW-Q60T soundbar was one of those most searched soundbars when initially released in 2020 and still continues to keep track even now. In this article of Samsung Q60T soundbar review, we’ll discuss the detailed specs like design, sound & bass, pros & cons, alternative, user reviews and finally we’ll conclude the article with a verdict.

Samsung Q60T Soundbar Specifications:

  • 5.1 Channel Soundbar with wireless subwoofer
  • AI powered Adaptive sound
  • 3 Sound Modes: Standard,Game Pro,Adaptive,Surround Sound Expansion
  • Samsung Q-Symphony & Acoustic Beam technology
  • Inputs: HDMI, Optical, USB & Bluetooth
  • No.of speakers: 9
  • Max Output: 360W (160W from the subwoofer)

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Samsung HW-Q60T Soundbar Review: Design

Samsung HW-Q60T 5.1 channel soundbar was initially released in 2021, it is the next gen version of the Samsung HW-Q60R. Being influenced by the predecessor model HW-60R soundbar, the Samsung soundbar Q60T looks almost the same as the HW-60R soundbar.

SAMSUNG HW Q60T Soundbar bar panel

The body panel of the bar (back & bottom) is made of plastic material that is strong enough to hold for a few ground falls. The other panel which covers the front and the top of the Samsung Q60T sound bar is of metal and shaped as a metallic grill for robustness.

Overall, the quality of the Q60T soundbar looks great with the plastic and metal combined. Coming to the subwoofer, it is made up of wood and covered with a fabric cover that might get dirty often and tear after a few months if no care is taken.

The dimensions of the bar itself are 38.6 x 4.1 x 2.3 inches which is longer than I thought and a height of ~ 6 cm. It looks slightly longer than (~0.5 inches) the 43 inches TV screen, said that the Samsung Q60t 360W 5.1 channel soundbar suits well for the TVs which are equal to or above 50 inches for forward placement. If you don’t mind the ~0.5 inches difference you are good to go for this soundbar.

But if you are thinking of placing this soundbar between the legs of your 43 or 55 inches TV, then you might have to change the placement of the soundbar to the front of the TV. 

SAMSUNG HW Q60T Soundbar subwoofer design

Coming to the Q60T wireless subwoofer size, it looks identical to a regular computer CPU but slightly wider than it. Overall, the size of the bar & the subwoofer won’t interrupt your vision. The controls of this Samsung soundbar HW-Q60T are through a remote (included in the package) and the buttons are arranged on the bar itself. There is no App support for the Q60T model soundbar as in the later models such as Q70T.

The buttons on the bar can be used to turn ON/OFF, adjust volume levels and change the input mode of the soundbar. And it also has a small display placed on the front side of the bar that shows the volume, the input mode and the enhancement state of the soundbar.

We’ll discuss the sound specs in detail in the next section of our article “Samsung Q60T soundbar review”.

Samsung Q60T Review Soundbar: Sound & Bass

The Q60T sound bar divides the overall max output of 360W with a 200W bar and 160W subwoofer. There are 9 speakers arranged overall in the HW-60T soundbar set.

SAMSUNG HW Q60T Soundbar acoustic beam technology

The Q60R soundbar comes with acoustic beam technology which is used to create 3D surround sound in the room. And to make the best of acoustic beam technology, the sound is directed towards the upside of the bar. Seems like, it didn’t work out as it was supposed to be with those holes placed on top of the bar, it does create surround sound but with good quality and the sound feels lost.

Samsung offers EQ presets such as adaptive sound technology and Game pro mode for the better use of this soundbar. Samsung claims that the Game pro mode boosts the sound experience while playing games by optimizing sound for clarity. Adaptive Sound technology, on the other hand, adjusts the overall performance of the soundbar for each scene making the sound clear even at low volumes.

The sound quality at low & mid volumes is clear and seems clean as they claim, but seems distorted at extremely high volumes creating a hissing sound and reduced clarity. However, at lower & mid volume levels, this HW-60T soundbar for Samsung delivers clear sound and dialogues with ease. The soundbar tends to be loud at higher volumes which may serve well at birthday parties or DJ nights.

Coming to the bass quality, the Q60T bar delivers a punchy bass with the wireless subwoofer at mid volume ranges. However, it struggles to deliver bass at low volume ranges and creates distortion at high volumes. If you are a bass lover and want to add more bass to this soundbar, then you can get rear bass speakers. The subwoofer of the Q60T soundbar can act as a satellite for Samsung rear speaker kit that helps in creating more bass in your room.

Additional to these sound enhancement features, the Samsung HW Q60T sound bar support Q-Symphony which syncs & creates sound with Samsung’s QLED TVs which helps in better performance. Samsung Q60T sound bar is optimized to sync perfectly with the QLED TVs.

But the Q-Symphony feature is only compatible with some of the Q series TVs from Samsung itself. So, if you use other brands, then this feature is of no use to you.

Being one of the industry leading companies, Samsung Q60T 5.1 channel soundbar lacks few sound enhancement features such as the room correction feature as in the JBL soundbar. And despite including many sound enhancements on the Samsung HW-60T soundbar, the lack of Dolby Atmos is clearly seen and heard with this soundbar. But if you are a Dolby Atmos admirer, then you should take a look at the Q70T soundbar from Samsung.

Let’s check the connectivity ports of the Samsung HW-Q60T soundbar in our topic “Samsung Q60t soundbar review”.

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Samsung Q60T Soundbar Review: Connectivity

SAMSUNG 60t soundbar connectivity ports

This soundbar can connect with your smart TV using HDMI, optical ports which are arranged at the downside of the bar. It does have a USB port that can play audio files from supported USB devices and the wireless connection is through Bluetooth that offers uninterrupted music through your smartphone.

The Bluetooth can be connected with multiple devices at the same time which makes it flexible if you want to switch between devices. There is no AUX port given to this sound bar, so if you are used to playing sound through AUX with your old soundbar then you might opt for a wireless connection with this bar.

Being a wireless subwoofer, it can be placed anywhere in your living room without hustling to a place near the bar all time. Overall, the connectivity ports are enough for an ideal user, but if you want more connectivity ports then you may have to take a look at the Q70T soundbar.

The price of the Samsung HW-60T soundbar is around 330$ on (USA), 29K Rs on (India) and €229 on (UK).

Alternatives of Samsung HW-Q60T Soundbar:

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Alternatives of Samsung HW-Q60T Soundbar

Samsung HW-60t Soundbar Review: Amazon Customer Ratings:

  • Remote Control: 4.6
  • Value for money: 4.6
  • Easy to install: 4.6
  • Sound quality: 4.5

Samsung HW-Q60t Soundbar Reviews:

Overall. This sound bar is of good quality and solid construction. The sound is a little lacking but overall it’s pretty good for the price. Could use a little more base and a little punch but I would buy it again without question - Verified Amazon Customer
I purchased the HW-Q60T sound bar to go with for my new 65inch television. The Q60T was easy to set up and interfaced immediately with the TV and the wireless subwoofer. There was a sound quality though the subwoofer leaves quite a bit to be desired. it is awesome for an apartment. the only thing is that I wish it had a better EQ and on screen functionality, but other than that it's pretty good. You can definitely hear the bass hits hard and the quality of sound is a little subdued. There is also a remote control that comes along with it. I love it because it is compact and convenient to use. This is intuitive as expected of Samsung, one of the major brands for sound bars. Now I can watch and listen to my movies and hear all the expulsive sounds. - Verified Amazon Customer
Just to be clear I'm reviewing the Q60T/ZA model as most reviews bunch other models together. I was in the market for a sound bar and almost didn't buy this one because of the reviews I read. I went ahead and bought it and am glad I did. I don't know what those reviewers were talking about, it is a great sounding unit. I have a Samsung TV and I use the optical connection between the TV and bar. On power up the unit sets itself up and syncs to the woofer. The sound is sync'd with the picture on the TV, there is no delay. People complained the bass was too low, even on 6. Yes I turned the woofer bass on 6, but then you change the settings for treble and bass on the unit using the buttons in the remote. Yes it is a tiny scrolling screen on the unit but you can do hard things! Cranked up the bass was vibrating objects in the room. I set it appropriately. They say it has a "tinny sound" (?) Again go to Settings and up the treble and bass. I leave my sound setting on DTS pretty much for any modern production. I've no problem hearing conversations amid music and sound FX. Everything is well balanced unlike what other reviewers said. Old TV shows/movies you can set to normal or surround. One reviewer wrote "stopped working, returned it". Yeah. Happened to me! TV on speaker only. Checked settings and the little screen scrolled "not available". Don't panic. Hit the Function button. It was on BT. Kept pressing the button until I saw "D.IN". Bingo, sound bar was fixed! Turns out a member of the household picked up the bar remote instead of the TV remote and started pressing buttons. That is one downside, same remote. The only other is that if you pause a video, the unit shuts down. Not a big deal, just turn it on again. But considering if you turn the TV off, the bar stays powered on, yes it is a little annoying. You need to power the bar off so that it says "BYE" in the screen. The sound is phenomenal, and I find the surround and sound in general much better than the 5 speaker + woofer BD-player unit this bar replaced. No complaints. - Verified Amazon Customer

Pros & Cons of Samsung HW-60T Soundbar:


  • Great design and build quality
  • Clear sound
  • Good bass with Wireless Subwoofer
  • Advanced sound enhancements
  • Rear speakers support


  • Not for extremely high volumes
  • No remote app
  • Lacks Dolby Atmos support

Should you buy Samsung Q60T soundbar?

With dialogue enhancements, adaptive sound, bass adjustments and virtual sound, the overall performance of the Samsung HW-60T soundbar is good but absolutely not the best from Samsung, one of the best soundbar brands. Nonetheless, if you want a branded soundbar with the best quality standards and good sound specs, this soundbar is for you.

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How many speakers does the Samsung Q60T soundbar have?

The Samsung Q60T soundbar comes with 9 speakers in total, including in the bar and the subwoofer.

What is the difference between Q60T and Q70T soundbar?

The Samsung Q70T offers better sound performance than the Q60T bar, supports Dolby Atmos and has a remote app for smartphones which makes Q70T a better option than Q60T soundbar.

Does Samsung Q60t soundbar have eARC?

No, the Samsung Q60T soundbar does not have an eARC.
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