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Check how this best Aliexpress Dropshipping Plugin Wordpress in 2022 help you in making thousands of dollars and check FREE LIVE DEMO
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Whether you are about to get started in using aliexpress for dropshipping or simply, in need of an advanced dropshipping plugin that imports products for you, take care of product updates, billing and many other things? Then Alidropship, the best aliexpress dropshipping plugin WordPress is for you. Alidropship has been one of the must have WooCommerce plugins for dropshipping since 2020 and continues its legacy in 2022.

What is AliDropShip Plugin?

AliDropShip is a revolutionary and award winning AliExpress dropshipping solution for dropshippers. Whether it’s creating a professional website for dropshipping or importing products from AliExpress or automating your dropshipping store, AliDroShip will assist you in building a passive income source.

Importing Products from Aliexpress

Product description, Images & Review

Order Fullfilment

Automation Features

Lifetime Access to premium Features

Dasboard of this Best Aliexpress Dropshipping Plugin Wordpress


You can actually see Alidropship plugin in live action for FREE, click here to get a FREE demo of Alidropship Plugin.

AlidropShip, the best Aliexpress dropshipping plugin for WordPress can do more things for you which will be revealed as you read along.

But first, let’s see how the alidropship plugin works and how to use it for a website hosted with WordPress CMS.

How to use AlidropShip Plugin for WordPress Website?

What does AliDropship can do for your dropshipping website?

  • Lifetime access to all features at no extra costs
  • Set up professional dropshipping store with the free themes
  • Helps in finding best dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress
  • Assists you to find winning products on AliExpress
  • Import products from AliExpress to WooCommerce website
  • Adds product description, tags, images and reviews
  • Product Customization
  • Does SEO tweaks for the products to get organic sales
  • Takes care of billing & returns
  • One click order management
  • And many more included in this best Aliexpress dropshipping plugin for wordpress website

Alidropship WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugin Features:

Best aliexpress dropshipping wordpress plugin features

Other things Alidropship offers for FREE:

6 Free Guides to start a successful Dropshipping Business – Download all Ebook Here

Find your PERFECT NICHE – Take a Quick Test Here

Calculate PROFIT for your NICHE – Get Profit Calculator

Finding the Right Products for Dropshipping – Get the Ebook Here

Marketing Guide for a Dropshipping store – Learn More

Learn dropshipping from Alidropship Best aliexpress dropshipping plugin for wordpress
Free Dropshipping Guides by Alidropship plugin

Get FREE Access to Dropshipping 25 Video Module Course

And get the best results from your dropshipping store
Check How the Best Aliexpress Dropshipping Plugin WordPress

Alidropship WordPress Plugin Review:

This aliexpress dropshipping solution helps you in building a successful dropshipping website in just 20 mins, build it yourself or have the Alidropship team take care of establishing your dropshipping empire with a professional dropshipping business website for you.

Get a quote for your custom store designed by Alidropship experts or check the established websites built with the Alidropship plugin & themes

Get your dropshipping business website ready with a single click, free WooCommerce themes are ready to give a professional look for your website with all the necessary pages made ready for an online store. 

Get the best hosting services for your dropshipping website here

Alidropship is developed in such a way that even an absolute dropshipping beginner can easily make their Aliexpress dropshipping business website go online and start selling top trending products in just 30 minutes.

Their FREE GUIDES are good enough to choose suitable niches and products for your dropshipping business. And with the WooCommerce version of Alidropship, get access to more features and boost your sales furthermore.

Once you install this plugin on your website, you’ll get access to 50,000+ products on Aliexpress which are ready to import with a single click.

That’s not it, with the best Aliexpress dropshipping plugin Alidropship installed on your Woocommerce website, managing products, marketing, billing and many other things come handy and fully automated.

Finding winning products on Aliexpress will never be a tough task for you and easily import products from Aliexpress and Woocommerce in just a click. Alidropship extracts all the other things that are attached to the products – description, tags, images, and reviews that require a complete setup of an online store.

Import best product from Aliexpress

This aliexpress woocommerce dropshipping plugin also offers a Google Chrome Extension that allows you to import products directly from the AliExpress website.

Import products from Aliexpress using Alidropship chrome Extension

This helps to find trending products on Aliexpress in a glimpse and import them instantly onto your online dropshipping store with all the required product information. And it also allows to sell the products from the next minute itself by promoting the products on social media and indexing on search engines ASAP.

Product images play a vital role in conversions for any online store and this applies to the dropshipping stores as well. The best Aliexpress dropshipping stores have the images perfectly cropped and optimized which ensures a better conversion rate than uncropped and unoptimized product pages.

Having said that, the product information can be modified from the WordPress panel improving the SEO tweaks and also the conversion rates.

With this best Aliexpress dropshipping plugin WordPress, edit the product images easily and skyrocket your dropshipping store sales way more than other stores. Also, edit the product information that is imported from Aliexpress product store and boost your Woocommerce store SEO with trending keywords for the products.

SEO plugins like RankMath or Yoast SEO can be used to rank faster on search engines.

Have you ever seen an online store that has outdated product information just because the admin of the website forgot to update?.

If your answer is yes, then there is no need to check back at the product page when you have the Alidropship plugin installed on your eCommerce store.

The auto update feature of Alidropship dropshipping plugin ensures that your product information is never out of date. If the product information on Aliexpress is updated in the future, the product page on your website also updates ASAP when the auto checking algorithm takes a hit.

In other words, you never have to look back at the product pages on Aliexpress once your desired product is imported through the best Aliexpress dropshipping WordPress plugin Alidropship.

Everything related to the products is automated, which includes profit management, billing and order fulfillment. The profits are automatically calculated with the predetermined profit percentage called the markup price for all the products. Accepts payments from any country, the current payment gateways in this woocommerce dropshipping product importer plugin are PayPal, PayU, Stripe, Instamojo and other popular ones.

And the billing of the product is generated along with the profit you get. The Alidropship plugin has many advanced features including an abandoned cart notifier that notifies the users who add products to their carts but haven’t bought them.

This is a proven method that increases conversion rates by 400% and this is widely used by many eCommerce websites including Amazon and Flipkart. These alerts are sent by emails to the users through various email marketing integrations like Sendgrid, SendinBlue, Mailchimp.

Send unlimited emails with these free email marketing tools.

And all the email leads are collected by this best Aliexpress dropshipping plugin WordPress.

So there’ll be no need in collecting email leads through 3rd party apps like WP Forms.

Alidropship plugin offers a semi-automatic order filling system that allows the user to place the order on Aliexpress with a single click from the admin panel. This saves time in manually adding orders for the users every single time.


And besides, when your dropshipping targeted audience is from the USA & UK then the speed of order fulfillment plays a vital role because the eCommerce industry leaders like Amazon & Flipkart deliveries take less than 3 days now.

Also get access to the ultimate dropshipping dashboard that the Alidropship plugin offers, with this dashboard you can easily check the activities that happen on your dropshipping website.

alidropship dropshipping plugin sales dashboard

There are many other features you should check before taking the leap, check the features page of the best Aliexpress dropshipping plugin WordPress Alidropship plugin.

Final words: Best Aliexpress Dropshipping Plugin WordPress for USA & UK

Alidropship plugin has been the best aliexpress dropshipping business plugin for Woocommerce websites and one of the best alternatives to Shopify. With the features that they offer, you save tons of time and a bag full of money.

Even if you are unsure, their video & ebook guides are a great learning source for those who want to learn to dropship for FREE. Learn dropshipping today and start making thousands of dollars from the 1st month.

Get FREE Access to Dropshipping 25 Video Module Course

And get the best results from your dropshipping store


Is WooCommerce good for dropshipping?

Yes, Woocommerce on WordPress CMS allows a user friendly interface and allows webmasters to publish products without any hassle. This allows users to switch easily between themes and allows integration with many SaaS apps used for dropshipping.

How do I set up dropshipping in WooCommerce?

Get a good domain and hosting service
Install WordPress CMS
Install WooCommerce Theme and Plugin
Get advanced dropshipping plugins like Shopify or Alidropship
Import products from Aliexpress
Promote them on social media and earn money

How do I import from AliExpress to WooCommerce?

Install the Alidropship plugin on your website
Install Alidropship Chrome Extension
Visit Aliexpress and go to the products page
Now choose the products and click the import option to quickly import products onto your website

Which is better for dropshipping Shopify or WooCommerce?

Shopify offers everything available at one click that a dropshipping store needs, whereas WooCommerce lets control everything on the store easily. Shopify costs 30$ a month whereas WooCommerce has a free plan and the maintenance is only domain and hosting.
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