My name is Munna Shaik and I’m an EEE Under Graduate. I’m naturally interested in trying new things out on my own. When I was pursuing my degree I was very fond of electronics and I used to try building different electronics projects using Arduino and other microcontroller & circuit boards. I even started a blog with WordPress in 2018 to publish tutorials on electrical & electronics technologies, but eventually, I stopped writing articles as I wasn’t good at it. After that, I started watching Digital Marketing and Blogging videos on YouTube but never tried them practically.

In Jan 2020, I started my first ever blog on movies but eventually, it also failed due to some technical issues. And during Corona Pandemic, I learned to build android apps and games through android mobile and built a game on my android mobile 15 Puzzle Game. I published it on Google Play Store in July of 2020, check it out here.

But after my completing my Under Graduation, I realized that I was very fond of Digital Marketing. So I started looking for the best courses to start with and heard about a Digital Marketing Internship called Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) conducted by Digital Deepak, India’s Top Digital Marketer and Trainer.

I started this blog under his mentorship and have been trying to implement what I learned from DDIP. As I said, I’m naturally inclined to try out new things I began to research the tools which can be helpful for bloggers and digital marketers especially for beginners, and have been publishing articles of them here. So this is my story so far and welcome to, hope you like the articles I wrote.